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December 2009 | Dayton area crime

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December 2009

Harrison Twp. woman reported missing

HARRISON TWP., Montgomery County — A 47-year-old Harrison Twp. woman has been reported missing, and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is asking for help to find her.

Linda M. Shockley, of East Nottingham Road, was reported missing on Tuesday morning, Dec. 29. Sheriff’s deputies were told that Shockley has been missing since Christmas Day and has “no warm clothes, identification or medication with her,” the sheriff’s office said.

“Her family is very concerned for her welfare,” the sheriff’s office said.

The sheriff’s office asked that anyone with information regarding Shockley of her whereabouts call the department at 225-HELP.


Area where security guard was slain rife with drugs, prostitution

DAYTON - Vacant homes, drug activity, prostitution and the recent homicide of a security guard have Dayton police zoned in on an area they say is rife with drug and prostitution activity.

Curtis Parker.jpg
Curtis Parker, 37

There have been more than 70 police incident reports in the 2100 block of North Main Street since the beginning of the year. A majority of the reports involve illegal gun, drug or prostitution activity.

Orlyn Conklin, 41, was shot and killed Friday, Dec. 18, while on duty as a security guard at the United Foods store at 2141 N. Main St. Police have stepped up their focus of that area since his homicide and Wednesday arrested a man while looking for suspects in Conklin’s homicide.

Curtis Parker, a known member of the Dayton View Hustlers, is in Montgomery County Jail after he tried to run from police, the report stated. Officers seized some marijuana, “fleece” (imitation cocaine) and a .38 caliber handgun belonging to Parker, 37, the report stated.

Parker is not a suspect in Conklin’s homicide at this time, police said.

Sgt. Wendy Stiver and officer Matthew Heiser made the arrest and were in the 1900 block of North Main Street to work on “a strategy to deter further violence in the area,” the report stated.

The area has become a significant problem for police to clean up since its decline began in the early-to-mid 1990s. A rise in gang activity and growing illegal drug dependency are two big reasons why police said the area has been riddled with crime.

“We recognize there is a pattern of gun violence and drug-related offenses, along with prostitution,” Lt. Patrick Welsh said. “We have stepped up patrols of the area using uniformed directed patrols, that includes officers from our vice and narcotics units.”

Welsh said the vacant homes in the area aren’t problems for police, but “create opportunities” for people to “commit criminal acts.”

“That’s like saying parking your unlocked car on the street causes more crime,” he said. “It creates an opportunity for a crime to be committed.”

Welsh added the problems aren’t just relegated to the 2100 block, but extend along North Main Street from the Great Miami River, all the way north to city limits.

Four of the city’s 42 homicides have been committed along North Main Street this year and three more have occurred on neighboring side streets. Numerous vacant homes along and off North Main have been tagged with gang graffiti and residents say it’s a problem that can’t be fixed.

“People got no money and these kids keeping having kids,” said Jarrisa McDaniel, 32. “We use these stores because they are within walking distances of where we live, but these gangsters want to use them for whatever the hell they want.”

But the FBI’s Safe Streets Task Force, focused on eliminating or drastically reducing the city’s gang violence, is well aware of the situation and is working with police.

Officers from Trotwood and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office are also focused on the area as part of Dayton police Chief Richard Biehl’s initiative to reduce gang-related, gun violence.

“I see police here, but there’s not enough,” said Randolph Jenkins, 58. “It’s going to take the community (to stop the violence) and help from the man above.”


Man shot at party, crashes car in getaway attempt

DAYTON - Police are looking for at least two people who jumped out of an SUV Tuesday, Dec. 22, and shot a 19-year-old man attending a friend’s party.

Jamie Miller said he was parking his car in the 400 block of Knecht Drive at about 10 p.m. when he noticed a newer, white SUV swing around and stop about four feet in front of his car, according to a police report.

Miller said two people, including one man dressed in all black, jump out of the SUV and approach his car. The man, dressed in all black, asked Miller to roll down his window, the report stated.

Miller complied, but then noticed the the man had a sawed-off shotgun. Miller drove off while rolling up his window, the report stated. Miller heard a gun shot and his driver’s side window shattered as buckshot from a shotgun hit his forearm, the report stated.

The gunshot wound caused Miller to crash his car into the SUV the men jumped out of, but he was able to get away, the report stated.

Officers were called to Miami Valley Hospital after Miller showed up there with the gunshot wound, the report stated. Miller said his parents drove him there.

There are no suspects in the shooting and Miller is expected to recover from his injuries, police said.

Anyone with information is urged to call 333-COPS.


Man shot in thigh while walking to girlfriend’s house

DAYTON - Detectives are looking for two gunmen who shot a 33-year-old man who tried to run from a robbery Monday, Dec. 21.

Damien Jackson was walking to his girlfriend’s house in the 1900 block of North Main Street about 4 a.m. when he said two men walking in an alley and tried to rob him, according to a police report.

Jackson said he ran from the men, who started shooting at him, the report stated. He realized he had been shot in the leg, called his girlfriend and asked her to take him to the hospital, the report stated.

Officers spoke to Jackson at Good Samaritan Hospital, but he could not give a description of the gunmen, the report stated. Jackson is expected to recover from a gunshot wound to his thigh.

Police need anyone with knowledge of the incident to call 333-COPS.


Jury won’t indict man police said hit and killed boy

DAYTON — A Montgomery County grand jury Monday, Dec, 21, declined to indict the driver police said hit and killed a 12-year-old boy in June.

Dayton police said they will pursue misdemeanor charges against Antwonne McGinnis who was driving the car that struck and killed Daquan Sales as the boy rode his bicycle in the 300 block of Elmhurst Road.

Police said McGinnis was driving a white sedan without a valid license when he struck Sales and then fled the scene.

McGinnis later returned to the accident scene smelling of marijuana, police said. While being led to jail days after Sales’ death McGinnis said the incident was “an accident.”

Dayton police detectives spent months investigating the accident and presented their case to prosecutors who twice asked them to do more investigating before handing it to the grand jury.

The case was given to the grand jury to investigate after Prosecutor Mathias Heck Jr.’s office did not approve felony charges in the case.

Dayton police Lt. Larry Faulkner said in August there was concern from prosecutors that Sales might have some culpability in the incident and was not following traffic laws that also apply to bicyclists.

Sales’ mother, Janelle Sales, has maintained her son did nothing wrong.

McGinnis has since been imprisoned at a facility near Columbus on probation violations. It is unclear what misdemeanor charges he will face or when police plan to file those charges in Dayton Municipal Court.


Detectives search house where bones were buried


DAYTON — Homicide detectives on Monday, Dec. 21, walked through the vacant home where a woman’s skeletal remains were found Saturday.

They searched 1124 Wyoming St. and took pictures but did not discuss what they found.

Investigators believe the woman was killed in 1997. The bones were in a shallow grave near a secondary entrance.

Officers responded to the address Saturday after someone who knew the body was there provided details strong enough to prompt police to start digging, investigators said.

Dayton Lt. Patrick Welsh said confirming the identity will take time because investigators are trying to match the woman’s DNA with a relative’s.

Police believe they know who the victim is, but lack of dental records has delayed identification.


Juvenile girl stabbed, sister questioned, deputies say

JEFFERSON TWP., Montgomery County - Sheriff Phil Plummer’s Office is investigating the stabbing of a young girl allegedly by her sister.

Medics responded to the 1100 block of Jonquil Drive about 11:30 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 21, on the report of a stabbing, deputies said.

They found one of the juvenile girls had a non-life threatening stab wound, and her sister received a few cuts, deputies said.

The sister who is suspected of inflicting the stab wound was detained by deputies for questioning and could face felonious assault charges. Deputies are not releasing yet the ages of the girls involved.


4 officers suspended for alleged overtime abuse

DAYTON - Following an internal investigation, four Dayton police officers were suspended for at least one day for not following overtime policies, police Chief Richard Biehl said Friday, Dec. 18.

The four are officers Andrew Zecchini, Thomas Cope, Theodore Trupp and Christopher Cornwell. Fifty-three officers, including those suspended, must pay the city back overtime paid to them over a two-year period, Biehl said.

Police union president Randy Beane called the investigation an “attack” on officers that violates more than 40 years of past overtime practices contained in the union’s contract with the city.

Beane said the union’s attorney will file grievances for each officer who was asked to pay back money to the city.

“I have no doubt that an arbitrator will overturn the suspensions,” Beane said.

The department launched its investigation in July after an internal audit found a discrepancy in overtime paid to officers who were receiving “court pay” while performing regular duties.

The city maintains officers who received court pay while being paid hourly wages for working their beats violated overtime procedures. Biehl said at the time the audit was done as a “normal business practice to examine cost control.”

Contract language that Beane said has been in place since at least 1969 states an officer not on duty when called into court must be paid two hours of overtime. If an officer is released from court early he or she then is sometimes asked to work in their respective district.

“I don’t understand because the overtime pay was approved by the officers’ sergeant, lieutenant and major,” Beane said. “Often times, these officers were asked by their superiors to work and their bosses knew they were still being paid for their court time.”

Beane said the language involving court pay was added to the contract to deter city officials from calling officers into court on their days off.

Biehl said in July the questionable overtime claims amounted to about $20,000. He said Friday the amount of money owed to the city “has not been calculated as of yet.”

Beane said that’s because a majority of the time officers took comp time instead of pay and now the city wants monetary payback for that comp time. He claims the investigation is a “witch hunt” by Assistant Chief Wanda Smith, who also serves as a part-time human resources officer for the city.

“One of the officers suspended is on SWAT and will now have to be removed because of this,” Beane said. “It’s egregious what the city is doing.”

The department is making changes to its computer payroll software that would block an officers “improper” entry for overtime, Biehl said.

He said the department is also considering “changes to the content of written overtime requests to provide additional information to prevent improper practices.”


2 officers rushed to hospitals after chasing robbery suspects

TROTWOOD - A Trotwood police officer and a Preble County sheriff’s deputy have been taken to Miami Valley Hospital with non-life threatening injuries after crashing their cruisers while chasing two robbery suspects.

Trotwood Sgt. Fred Beck was taken by helicopter to Miami Valley after he and Deputy Terry Petitt collided while chasing two robbery suspects on West Alexandria Road in Preble County about noon Friday, Dec. 18, police said.

Their cruisers were rendered inoperable from the crash, but responding officers found and arrested the suspects, whose car turned down a private road in the 1300 block of Wolf Road, Preble County Sheriff Michael Simpson said.

Beck, a 25-year veteran with Trotwood, and Petitt, a 14-year veteran, were conscious when transported to the hospital, police said. Petitt had just joined the chase when her cruiser and Beck’s collided.

Trotwood police said the two suspects were driving a car involved in an earlier armed robbery of a woman outside a Target store at 2800 Shiloh Springs Road.

“From what I understand (Beck and Petitt) both have serious injuries,” Preble County Simpson said. “I am heading to the Miami Valley right now to check on both of them.”

The suspects could face numerous charges, Trotwood Capt. John Porter said.

Porter said at least one of the suspects was wanted for a stealing a car in Miamisburg, and Trotwood is working with other agencies to see if the men are suspects in other robberies.

Chad Landis, 27, and David A. Williams, 26, were being booked into the Montgomery County Jail on Friday afternoon, according to Sheriff Phil Plummer.

The sheriff said deputies believe the two were involved in an earlier robbery attempt. Deputies responded to the Wright-Patt Credit Union, 3530 W. Siebenthaler Ave., about 11 a.m. Friday after a woman said two men tried rob her at gunpoint, Plummer said.

The woman didn’t actually see a gun, but one of the men made it appear that he had one, Plummer said. The woman fell while backing away from the men, and they fled empty-handed.


Montgomery County in top 10 of OVI arrests

Montgomery County is No. 6 on the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s top 10 list of counties with the most arrests related to operating a vehicle while impaired.

The patrol made 1,442 OVI arrests from Jan. 1 through Nov. 30, according its list released Friday, Dec. 18. Franklin County tops the list with 3,080.

Here is the top 10 list of OVI arrests:

  1. Franklin County 3,080
  2. Butler County 1,992
  3. Lucas County 1,817
  4. Stark County 1,597
  5. Lorain County 1,591
  6. Montgomery County 1,442
  7. Mahoning County 1,207
  8. Portage County 1,205
  9. Hamilton County 1,139
  10. Trumbull County 1,089

The patrol has made 22,925 OVI arrests through November.


Police: Man goes on robbery spree, assaults three women

DAYTON - A quick-acting Dayton police officer arrested a man at gunpoint Wednesday, Dec. 16, after three women said he tried to rob them in the city’s downtown area.

Evans Henderson.jpg
Evans Henderson, 41

Officer Bryan Updyke was near Jefferson Avenue and Third Street about 3:15 p.m. when he heard a dispatch alert police were looking for Evans Henderson, 41, in connection with the aggravated robbery of three women, according to a police report.

Updyke noticed Henderson crossing the street and jumped out of his cruiser, gun drawn, and ordered Henderson to the ground, the report stated.

Henderson was transported to Third and Main streets where the three women identified him as the man who tried to take their purses, a 40-ounce beer and a cell phone, the report stated.

The women said in the three separate incidents, Henderson produced a knife or a razor blade-type instrument and tried to take their purses.

A 50-year-old victim said she tussled with Henderson outside the downtown CVS Pharmacy before he went on to his next victim, the report stated.

Henderson is in Montgomery County Jail on three felony aggravated robbery charges. He has a criminal history that includes arrests for panhandling, public indecency and trespassing, jail records show.


Man suspected of raping 7-year-old arrested by U.S. Marshals

DAYTON - U.S. Marshals arrested man late Wednesday, Dec. 16, wanted by Dayton police since October for allegedly raping a 7-year-old girl.

James D. Scott.jpg
James D. Scott, 27

James Scott, 27, is in Montgomery County Jail on a felony rape charge after police said U.S. Marshals found him in his home at 1716 Salem Ave. about 10:30 p.m.

The girl contracted at least one sexually transmitted disease from the alleged assault, which occurred in the 4400 block of St. James Avenues about 6 p.m. Oct. 13.

Scott has previous arrests for driving under the influence, driving under suspension, drug possession and drug trafficking and resisting arrest.

A court date following his latest arrest has not been set.


Walmart employee suspected of robbing store in custody

DAYTON - Moraine police now have all four suspects in custody accused of locking Walmart employees in the store’s cash room at gunpoint and fleeing with $5,000 in cash.

Charles Martin III, 19, an employee at the big-box retailer’s store on West Dorothy Lane turned himself in to authorities in downtown Dayton Wednesday morning, Dec. 16.

Charles Martin III.jpg
Charles Martin III, 19
Bobby J. McDonald.jpg
Bobby J. McDonald
Torianno P. Hector.jpg
Torianno Hector
Toby Walker Jr.jpg
Toby T. Walker Jr., 18

All four men also face felony and kidnapping charges for their roles in the Oct. 20 robbery.

The group stormed the Walmart about closing time and McDonald, armed with a handgun and Martin - who was an employee at the store - forced workers at gunpoint into the store’s cash room, police said.

The men took $5,000 in cash and locked the employees in the room, authorities said.

The robbery was captured on video camera, which was instrumental in identifying the robbers, authorities said. Police are still looking for Martin. Anyone with information of his whereabouts should call 333-COPS.


Court employee fired after allegedly accepting car from local dealer

DAYTON - An electronic home detention officer with the Dayton Municipal Court has been fired after court officials said he accepted a Mercedes-Benz from a local car dealership.

Douglas Lowe
In this 2008 file photo, Douglas Lowe, Home Detention Coordinator, shows how he tracks offenders who wear an ankle bracelet. Officials said Lowe was fired on Dec. 4 after they learned he accepted a car from a dealership connected to an offender that he failed to properly report on.
Robert Ross Jr.jpg
Robert Ross Jr., 47.

Doug Lowe, an officer of the court for three years, was fired Dec. 4 after officials learned he allegedly accepted the car from The Bob Ross Dealerships and did not follow procedures related to a court-ordered monitoring bracelet worn by Robert Ross Jr., 47.

The details of Lowe’s termination were confirmed Wednesday, Dec. 16, by court administrator Jacquelyn Jackson.

“There are allegations of violations of court policies and we are conducting an internal investigation,” Jackson said. “We addressed the situation as soon as we were made aware of it.”

Ross’ attorney, L. Patrick Mulligan, said he spoke with his client Wednesday about the allegations and believes they are “reckless” and untrue, “based on what I know.”

“Mr. Ross complied with every single requirement of the Kettering Municipal Court and his home detention,” Mulligan said. “As far as the vehicle, there was a contract signed and paperwork exists that shows (Lowe) purchased the car.”

Jackson said the Dayton Police Department has been notified of the allegations and criminal charges are pending her internal investigation.

“No official criminal report has been made,” Lt. Patrick Welsh said. “Should information develop of criminal allegations the Dayton Police Department will fully assist in investigating them.”

Ross, whose family owns the dealerships at 85 Loop Road in Centerville, pleaded guilty in August to charges related to operating a vehicle under the influence, according to Kettering Municipal Court records.

A Kettering judge ordered Ross, of Springboro, to wear the monitoring device, serve three days in jail and spend another 75 on electronic home detention, court records state.

It was during those 75 days that Lowe, 36, did not follow procedures mandated by the court’s electronic home detention program, said Jackson, who declined to elaborate.

Jackson said her department handles the monitoring of the electronic devices for all the county’s municipal courts.

A message left for Lowe was not returned.


Police arrest suspect wanted in January homicide

DAYTON - Police have arrested the 32-year-old man wanted in the January shooting death of Demetrius Frazier.

Deon L. Pinson.jpg
Deon L. Pinson, 32

Deon L. Pinson turned himself in to police about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 16, two days after homicide detectives secured an arrest warrant, Lt. Patrick Welsh said. Pinson faces charges of aggravated robbery and murder.

Frazier, 24, was the city’s fourth homicide victim this year and died during what his father Murphy Frazier called a “robbery gone wrong.” Frazier was shot multiple times near the intersection of Otterbein Avenue and Layton Drive.

He knocked on doors asking for help after being shot, but collapsed and died on the front lawn of home near the shooting, police said.

Police said Pinson and Frazier were friends and the robbery might have been set up by Pinson.

Murphy Frazier said the gunman was trying to carjack the vehicle in which his son was a passenger. The driver of the car changed his story numerous times, police said, ultimately admitting he ran from the scene, leaving Demetrius Frazier behind.

Frazier was an engineering student at Sinclair Community College and was going to transfer to the University of Dayton, his father said.


Dogs dead more than a week removed from family’s home

DAYTON - The decomposing bodies of two pit bulls were removed from a family’s home Monday, Dec. 14, after they laid dead in the basement for more than a week, police said.

Officers responded to 1327 Miami Chapel Road about 12:30 p.m. on a welfare check after someone reported the two dogs were dead in the basement, according to a police report.

There, Jaime Moore, 33, told officers one of the dogs died Saturday and she could not remember the last time she fed them, the report stated. But officers said the dogs had been dead for “at least” a week, the report stated.

Moore said the dogs belonged to her ex-boyfriend, who moved out recently, the report stated.

Moore’s three children, ages 9, 11 and 15, were at school during the incident, but officers decided to contact Montgomery County Children Services anyway. The agency reported it has an open case with Moore involving her three children and had last made a visit to home on Nov. 18.

Everything seemed fine at the home during that visit and Moore was following the agency’s program “without any problems,” the report stated. A children services official said the agency would be in contact with Moore after this incident, the report stated.

Animal control officials arrived and removed the dogs. The case has been closed and Moore was not charged with a crime, the report stated.


Officers find three children home alone in ‘deplorable’ conditions

DAYTON - Three children, ages 3, 8 and 17, were removed from their home Monday, Dec. 14, after officers found them alone in house covered in trash and only one working electrical outlet.

A 17-year-old girl in the house said her mother, Kerrie Huff, 36, had left the home at 137 Fillmore St. in a ambulance some time before 8 p.m. when officers arrived, according to a police report.

The officers learned later that story wasn’t true when Huff returned from a store near the house after being gone for more than an hour, the report stated. The officers told the mother the children were being removed from the home by Montgomery County Children Services and placed with their grandparents in Trotwood.

The officers and a children services social worker made the decision after finding trash all over the house, the only working toilet filled to the brim in feces and only one working electrical outlet, the report stated.

The home’s front door could not be locked and a piece of wood was placed in a broken front window to block the wind, the report stated. An extension cord that ran through multiple rooms in the house had exposed wires and milk jugs found in the refrigerator had expired in November, the report stated.

Officers said nearly every room in the house was in “deplorable condition” and unsafe for the three children, the report stated.

Huff was arrested on a misdemeanor child endangering charge and was given a summons to appear in court, the report stated. The social worker told officers he was writing up a safety plan with Huff and the house must be cleaned to his agency’s satisfaction before the children can return, the report stated.


Police looking for gunman in January murder

DAYTON - City homicide detectives have secured an arrest warrant in the murder of Demetrius Frazier, killed in January during an apparent robbery.

Deon L. Pinson, 32, is wanted in connection with the robbery and slaying of Frazier on Jan. 23. Pinson faces charges of aggravated robbery and murder.

“We are actively hunting for Pinson today,” Sgt. Gary White said Monday, Dec. 14

Frazier, 24, was the city’s fourth homicide victim this year and died during what his father Murphy Frazier called a “robbery gone wrong.” Frazier was shot multiple times near the intersection of Otterbein Avenue and Layton Drive.

He knocked on doors asking for help after being shot, but collapsed and died on the front lawn of home near the shooting, police said.

Murphy Frazier said the gunman was trying to carjack the vehicle in which his son was a passenger. The driver of the car changed his story numerous times, police said, ultimately admitting he ran from the scene, leaving Demetrius Frazier behind.

Frazier was an engineering student at Sinclair Community College and was going to transfer to the University of Dayton, his father said.

Murphy Frazier is a member of the anti-violence group Street Souljahz, a part of Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl’s Community Initiative To Reduce Gun Violence.

To date there have been 41 homicides in the city this year. You can check the status of those investigations and view an interactive map by clicking here.


Third suspect in Walmart robbery surrenders to police

DAYTON - The third of four suspects police said robbed a Walmart in Moraine turned himself in to Dayton police this morning, Dec. 14.

Bobby J. McDonald.jpg
Bobby J. McDonald
Torianno P. Hector.jpg
Torianno Hector
Toby Walker Jr.jpg
Toby T. Walker Jr., 18

Toby T. Walker Jr., 18, surrendered at the Dayton Police Department’s downtown headquarters and was booked into the Montgomery County Jail about noon on charges of aggravated robbery, grand theft and kidnapping.

Moraine police issued a warrant on those charges for the arrests of Charles R. Martin III, 19, Bobby J. McDonald, 18, Torianno Hector, 18, and Walker on Thursday. Hector and McDonald were arrested by Moraine police on Friday and Martin remains at large.

The men, on Oct. 20, stormed the big-box retailer at 1701 W. Dorothy Lane about closing time, police said. McDonald allegedly was armed with a handgun and, along with Martin - who was an employee at the store - forced workers at gunpoint into the store’s cash room, police said.

The men took $5,000 in cash and locked the employees in the room, authorities said.

The robbery was captured on video camera, which was instrumental in identifying the robbers, authorities said. Police are still looking for Martin. Anyone with information of his whereabouts should call 333-COPS.


Robber forces UD student to strip, takes bag

DAYTON - Police in the city’s southeast district are looking for a robber who made a University of Dayton student strip down to his underclothes and took his laptop at gunpoint.

Officers responded to the 200 block of Medford Street about 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 12, where the student told them he was attempting to unlock his apartment door when a man approached and put what felt like a gun in his back, according to a police report.

The student said he never saw a gun, but the robber told him he was going to “blow his brains out,” the report stated. The man instructed the student to take off his clothes, and the student complied - even taking off his shoes and a brown bag that contained a laptop, the report stated.

The suspect then fled with the bag and the student’s clothes toward Woodland Cemetery.

A K-9 unit was called to search for the suspect, but the search came up empty.

Other tenants in the apartment told officers days before they chased a man away matching the robber’s description, but did not call police. Officers returned a few hours later after someone spotted a man matching the robber’s description in the south tower of Marycrest Hall, but found nothing, the report said.

Anyone with information about the robbery or the suspect is urged to call 333-COPS.


Gunshot victim shows up at hospital, police looking for shooter

DAYTON - Police are looking for the man suspected of shooting an unidentified man during an armed robbery this afternoon, Dec. 14.

The gunshot victim was dropped off at Good Samaritan Hospital about 12:40 p.m. by his sister with a non-life threatening wound, Lt. Patrick Welsh said. The shooting happened on Meredith Street between Superior and Edgewood avenues.

The victim was not transported to Miami Valley Hospital, a measure usually taken if the wound is significant.

Welsh said the shooter has not been apprehended and officers are working on a description of the suspect.


Kettering man gets 10 years for child pornography

KETTERING - A 51-year-old Kettering man was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison Friday, Dec. 11, for possessing child pornography.

Ryan Cofer was sentenced by Judge Thomas M. Rose in United States District Court, according to a press release from U.S. Attorney Carter M. Stewart.

Cofer was arrested in February of 2008 after a probation officer visiting his home found 13 computer disks between his bed mattresses that contained 83 images of minors engaged in sexual acts and violence, the press release stated.

It is believed Cofer downloaded the images from numerous Web sites.

As part of his sentence Cofer must register as a sex offender upon release and will be under court supervision for the rest of his life. He must also attend a sex offender treatment program.

Cofer’s case is part of Project Safe Childhood, a nationwide initiative led by U.S. Attorneys to protect children from online exploitation and abuse.


Woman shot as many as 6 times expected to survive

DAYTON - A woman in her 20s shot as many as six times inside her home early Thursday morning, Dec. 10, is expected to survive, Dayton police said Friday.

Officers responded to 405 W. Hillcrest Ave. about 5 a.m. to reports of a woman shot. Witnesses said one of a handful of people in the home was handling a gun and it accidentally went off, striking the woman, police said.

The woman, whose identity has not been released, was transported to Miami Valley Hospital, where she remains in serious but stable condition, police said.

Sgt. Gary White said detectives weren’t sure if the woman was shot six times or if shrapnel caused numerous entry wounds to her leg, hand and lower abdomen.

The situation became murky when police found a gun in a wood pile at the back of the house. That part of the investigation remains a mystery, at least to the public. Officers said someone in the house called 911 and said the gun fell off a shelf, discharged and hit the woman in the leg.

Four people were questioned at police headquarters in downtown Dayton, but no one was arrested.

White said Thursday the shooting could be accidental, adding “There’s a lot we don’t know.”


Teen agrees to plea deal in death of Huber Heights woman

CORRECTION (12/11/2009) - This story should have stated Huber Heights prosecutors have reached a plea deal in the vehicular homicide case involving Bryan Sacco.

DAYTON - Huber Heights prosecutors have agreed to a plea deal with a 19-year-old former Wayne High School student charged with vehicular homicide.

Bryan Sacco

Bryan Sacco, now living in Orlando, was charged with misdemeanor vehicular homicide by Huber Heights Police in August for causing the death of Michele A. Meade, 42, during a two-car accident in April.

Dockets filed in the county’s Area II District Court Wednesday, Dec. 9, show a trial scheduled for early January has been canceled and a hearing has been scheduled for Dec. 22 in county Judge James D. Piergies court room.

That’s where Sacco is expected to enter a no contest plea to a vehicular homicide charge. He faces a maximum of 180 days in jail and could be sentenced that day, a county municipal court official said.

Meade’s family said prosecutors informed them of the decision Thursday afternoon, Dec. 10, and that Sacco will plead no contest to a vehicular homicide charge in exchange for the dismissal of misdemeanor charges of failure to obey a traffic control device, reckless operation, operating an unsafe vehicle and solid tire requirements.

A prosecutor handling the case did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Huber Heights police said Sacco was behind the wheel of a Roush special factory edition Mustang GT on April 14 when he ran a red light and collided with Michelle Mead’s compact Chevy Truck.

The crash happened about 3:15 p.m. at the intersection of southbound Brandt Pike (Ohio 201) and eastbound Executive Boulevard. Sacco, who was 18 at the time, was driving between 45 and 60 mph in a posted speed limit zone of 35 mph, police said.

Investigators initially tried to secure a felony vehicular homicide charge against Sacco, but Montgomery County prosecutors approved a misdemeanor charge.

Sacco was arrested after the crash on a vehicular homicide charge, but was released while detectives investigated the crash. He moved to Orlando some time after the crash.

He is not in jail at the time, but has been summoned to appear on Dec. 22, according to court records.


Woman admits to killing husband, says ‘I couldn’t take it no more’

DAYTON - Mary Yaqeen calmly called police and told a 911 dispatcher that she had shot her husband “more than once” inside their home because he had brandished a gun during an argument they were having Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 8. Listen to the 911 call.

Mary Yaqeen.jpg
Mary Yaqeen, 59
Yunus Yaqeen.jpg
Yunus Yaqeen, 60

Yaqeen started crying when she said, “I’ve been hurt all my life. Since I was 7 years old I’ve been abused. I couldn’t take it no more.”

The 59-year-old woman is in Montgomery County Jail and has been formally charged with the murder of Yunus Yaqeen. Prosecutors Thursday afternoon approved three felony counts of murder and two felony counts of assault, spokesman Greg Flannagan said.

All five counts carry a mandatory three-year firearm specification.

Mary (Sanders) Yaqeen told the 911 dispatcher, “I shot my husband, he’s been abusing me,” according to 911 audio released by the Dayton Police Department. Mary Yaqeen said it was Yunus, 60, who displayed the gun “and turned at me and he laid it on the table and I shot him with it.”

Officers responded to 324 Savannah Ave. about 3 p.m. Tuesday and found Yunus Yaqeen dead on the living room floor from multiple gunshot wounds to the torso, police said.

Detectives recovered a semi-automatic, 9-millimeter handgun inside the home, Lt. Robert Chabali said.

Lead homicide detective Sgt. Gary White said investigators are looking into Mary Yaqeen’s contention she was being abused, but said the woman did not have any physical signs of abuse when police arrived Tuesday.

Yunus Yaqeen, other than a few traffic tickets, has no criminal history in Montgomery County since 1995, according to court records. Yunus Yaqeen has lived in the home on Savannah Avenue since at least 2003 and the couple has been married since October 2004, according to court records.

Yunus Yaqeen is the city’s 40th homicide this year. You can track the investigation of his death and look at an interactive of all homicides since 2008 by clicking here.


Man, dog shot dead in apparent home invasion

HARRISON TWP., Montgomery County - The man who died from a gunshot wound sustained Tuesday night, Dec. 8, during a bizarre home invasion has been identified as Robert Wallace.

Wallace was one of two men shot near 2521 Hancock Ave. about 8 p.m. after two men dressed in black, knocked on the victim’s door and said they were having car trouble, Maj. Scott Landis said.

The two men asked to come in and then opened fire on two men inside, including Wallace who was able to run to the 2500 block of Falmouth Avenue where Landis said he was found by deputies.

Before being taken to the hospital, Wallace said he had been shot “all over” and that the gunmen were still coming after him, according to 911 audio.

Wallace, of 135 Parkwood Ave., died at Miami Valley Hospital a short time later. The other unidentified victim suffered non-life threatening gunshot wounds, Landis said. A dog in the house also died from gunshot wounds.

The two gunmen fled on foot and were not found by deputies. There were few clues and evidence found outside the home, Landis said.

You can track the investigation of Wallace’s death by clicking here.

Anyone with information about the shooting is urged to call 225-STOP.


Woman who said she killed husband in jail on murder charge

DAYTON - Mary E. Yaqeen has been booked into the Montgomery County Jail on a murder charge after police said she admitted to shooting her 60-year-old husband multiple times, killing him inside their home.

Mary Yaqeen.jpg
Mary Yaqeen

Yaqeen was booked in about 5 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 8, about two hours after she called police and said she shot her husband, Yunus Yaqeen, 60. Mary Yaqeen has a court hearing scheduled for 1:30 p.m. today. Listen to the 911 call.

Officers responded to 324 Savannah Avenue about 3 p.m. and waited for Mary Yaqeen to come out of the house, Lt. Robert Chabali said.

Yunus Yaqeen was already dead from multiple shots to his upper torso when officers went inside, police said. Officers did find a semi-automatic, 9-millimeter handgun, Chabali said.

The 59-year-old woman told police she killed her husband over “domestic violence” incidents, Chabali said.

Homicide detectives are looking into Mary Yaqeen’s accusations of domestic violence, but would only say she did not appear to be physically harmed when examined by medics and detectives.

Yunus Yaqeen, other than a few traffic tickets, has no criminal history in Montgomery County since 1995, according to court records. The couple has lived in the home on Savannah Avenue since at least 2003, according to court records.

Yunus Yaqeen is the city’s 40th homicide this year. You can track the investigation of his death and look at an interactive of all homicides since 2008 by clicking here.

Staff Writer Angela Watson Gay contributed to this report.


Robber flees from Chase Bank but drops cash outside

DAYTON - Police on the city’s southeast side are combing the area around the 1000 block of Patterson Road near Oakwood hoping to find the man that robbed the Chase Bank about 10:15 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 8.

Video surveillance image
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The man walked into the bank with all his skin covered, including his face, Sgt. Moises Perez said. The robber implied he had a weapon and jumped over the counter to grab all the available cash, Perez.

The robber was able to get away with an unknown amount of money, but nearly $2,000 was found by police near some apartments by the bank, Perez said.

No one saw a gun or other weapon during the robbery, Perez said

One customer was inside the bank at the time of the robbery and was told to get on the ground by the robber, Perez said. The male customer was not hurt.

“We are not sure if that was all the money taken,” Perez said.

The bank was closed for more than an hour while police investigated, but it has since reopened. Anyone with information about the robbery is urged to call police at 333-COPS.


Mother of slain teen one of three arrested in alleged assault

DAYTON - The mother of a recent homicide victim was one of three people arrested by Dayton Police in the alleged assault of four people inside their home Monday, Dec. 7.

Crystal Scroggins.jpg
Crystal Scroggins, 42
Andre Young, 27
Turquoise Davis, 27

Crystal Scroggins, 42, Turquoise Davis, 27, and Andre Young, 27, were arrested near 71 W. Norman Ave. about 10:20 p.m. after the victims said the group allegedly entered their house without permission and started an altercation, according to a police report.

The victims said those arrested lived or stayed at 121 W. Norman and the altercation was over “baby momma drama” and Scroggins’ son Trenton Scroggins, 19, who was shot and killed last month, the report stated.

One of the victims was punched in the face and another received treatment for injuries after being beaten by numerous people, the report stated.

Crystal Scroggins was arrested after she returned to 71 W. Norman while the victims were speaking to police, the report stated. Additional officers went to 121 W. Norman and arrested Young and Davis for their roles in the incident.

Crystal Scroggins, Davis and Young were booked into Montgomery County Jail on a felony aggravated burglary charge, according to jail records. Davis also faces a charge for violation of her probation.


Man charged with forcible rape of 18-year-old woman

DAYTON - Special Victims Unit detectives have secured an arrest warrant charging a 43-year-old man in the forcible rape of a woman inside his home Saturday, Dec. 5.

Leonard Matthews.jpg
Leonard Matthews, 43

Leonard E. Matthews was arrested in the 2400 block of Weaver Street Saturday after an 18-year-old woman met detectives a block from his house and told them she had been sexually assaulted, Lt. Patrick Welsh said.

“The victim and (Matthews) had known each other for some period of time and she had gone to the house voluntarily and it turned south from there,” Welsh said, adding Matthews is known to police because of a “lengthy” criminal record.

Police had 48 hours from the time of Matthews’ arrest to formally charge or release him.

“The victim did come in this morning and based the follow-up investigation we obtained a filing and warrant for the charge of rape,” Welsh said. “There is not much else we can release.”

Matthews is in jail and his bond was set at $100,000, according to court records.

Matthews still must be indicted by a grand jury on the rape charge. A date for that hearing has not been set.

Matthews has been arrested at least five times since 1993 on charges related to assault and aggravated menacing, court records show.

He was arrested in April on a burglary charge, but a Montgomery County grand jury declined to approve charges in the case.


Gunshot victim, buddies change stories, stall investigation

DAYTON - A man shot in the leg Sunday, Dec. 6, and the men who drove him to Grandview Medical Center have stalled a police investigation by not giving officers straight answers.

Marvin Gay, 24, showed up at the hospital about 8 p.m. suffering from a gunshot wound to his right leg, just above his knee, according to a police report.

When officers arrived, Gay told them he was shot by a man three streets south of Kenilworth Avenue, but couldn’t provide an accurate location, the report stated. Gay said a man in an unknown vehicle got out and shot him without saying a word, the report stated.

Gay said the shooter got back in the car with another man and sped off.

Gay said he then called Brian Watson, 24, and Daeveon Harris, 20, to come pick him up, the report stated. Watson and Harris gave conflicting accounts of how they know Gay and both said they didn’t know he was shot until they picked him up, the report stated.

Officers said the men even changed their stories about who was driving the car that transported Gay to the hospital, the report stated.

Hospital security said Gay gave a different account of how he was shot when he arrived, the report stated.

Gay was transported to Miami Valley Hospital to have the bullet removed from his leg, the report stated. He is expected to be OK.

There are no suspects in the shooting.


9-year-old boy allegedly stabs sister in back

DAYTON - Police arrested a 9-year-old boy after he allegedly stabbed his 12-year-old sister in the back with a knife Sunday, Dec. 6.

Officers arrived to the 3400 block of Haberer Avenue about 10 a.m. to find the girl with a “severe” stab wound in her upper back, according to a police report.

The girl was standing in the kitchen crying and had to be taken by medics to Dayton Children’s Medical Center, the report stated.

She was having trouble breathing, but her injuries were described as non-life threatening, the report stated. She is expected to fully recover, police said.

Before leaving she told officers she and her brother were arguing and he returned to the kitchen with a knife and stabbed her, the report stated.

The children’s adoptive mother, Donna Patterson, 52, heard screaming and ran into the kitchen, but the girl had already been stabbed, the report stated.

Patterson said she wanted to press charges against the boy and he was fingerprinted at the county jail before placed in the county juvenile detention center on a felony assault charge, the report stated.

Patterson told officers she has asked Montgomery County Children’s Services to “reverse” the boy’s adoption because he is violent, but has received no resolution, the report stated.

Children’s Services spokeswoman Ann Stevens said Patterson adopted the boy in 2002 and his sister in 2005. Patterson recently requested the agency “intervene,” but the parties have yet to set a date to discuss her issues, Stevens said.


Homicide detectives called after man found dead outside

DAYTON - Homicide detectives are investigating the death of a 27-year-old man found outside in the 2300 block of Home Avenue on Monday morning, Dec. 7.

Police received the call about 8 a.m. that a man was not breathing, police said. The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office identified him as Quincy Brown, of 3928 Nicholas Road.

Lt. Patrick Welsh said there were no signs of foul play, but an official cause of death will not be known until an autopsy is completed. An autopsy was still to be performed on Brown’s body as of 1:30 p.m.

Welsh said Brown had medical issues that might have contributed to his death.



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