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Free bottles of Pizza Hut perfume ( you read right) up for grabs | Latest news

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Free bottles of Pizza Hut perfume ( you read right) up for grabs

This might be your chance to smell like Pizza Hut without going to the trouble of rolling around in a box filled with pepperoni, dough and sauce.

Pizza hut.jpg
See, we weren’t kidding. Eau de Pizza Hut is a real thing.

The Yum! Brands restaurant chain will give away roughly 24 bottles of Eau de Pizza Hut a day as part of its Last Minute Lovers packages.

To enter send tweets to @PizzaHut with the #LastMinuteLovers.

The Valentine’s Day promotion is through Wednesday so to get to tweeting.

Each package also includes a $20 Pizza Hut gift cards for Big Pizza Sliders or Lovers Pizza.

Pizza Hut released a prototype of Eau de Pizza Hut late last year in Canada because apparently Canucks like to smell like a party?!?

And what does Pizza Hut perfume smell like?

“The cologne has a slightly sweet base scent of freshly rising dough, but finishes decidedly savory with hints of Italian spice like oregano, vine-ripened tomato sauce, the crispness of fresh-sliced vegetables and all wrapped by wafts of cheesy goodness,” said Ashlee Firsten of Aromachology, a NY-based custom perfumery said in a press release. “It’s really a quite complex combination of aromas that results in the hunger-inducing smell of a fresh Pizza Hut pizza.”

What do you think? Do you wan to smell like Pizza Hut?

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