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Dayton steakhouse scores a national shout-out | Taste: Dayton food and restaurants

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Dayton steakhouse scores a national shout-out

DAYTON — Okay, we already knew that authors Jane and Michael Stern of “Roadfood” fame were fans of The Pine Club, Dayton’s iconic steakhouse at 1926 Brown St., because they spoke glowingly about the restaurant’s hamburgers in their 2009 book “500 Things to Eat Before It’s Too Late.”

But Michael Stern has delivered another powerful little shout-out to the Pine Club, this time in this USA Today story entitled “The USA’s best steakhouse.” There, nestled into a longer story about the historic and REALLY iconic Peter Luger Steak House in Brooklyn, is the following paragraph:

Not all USA TODAY panelists are Luger loyalists. Says restaurant-rating veteran Michael Stern, creator of “As much as I like the high-end New York steak houses (when someone else is paying), they can’t hold a candle to eating beef in the heartland.” His top pick: The Pine Club in Dayton, Ohio.

This isn’t the first time the Pine Club has scored some love in a national publication. In 2008, an issue of Saveur, a national magazine focusing on food and dining, praised the Dayton steakhouse, saying in a story entitled “Adventures in Good Eating: American Road Trip” that the Pine Club had “classic steak house food: plump strip steaks and ribeyes, sweet-and-sour stewed tomatoes with a topping of buttered croutons, herring slathered in sour cream, creamed spinach, and shredded iceberg lettuce topped with thick blue cheese dressing.”

Do you think the “tastemakers” on the coasts have figured out we’re not just living in flyover country here in Dayton, Ohio?



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