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Best Bar

Now that there's no more smoking inside anywhere, how are we going to feel about our local bars? Just fine, thanks — a cigarette or two doesn't make the experience. The cigar people at Dublin Pub might disagree, but since all the businesses are in the same boat, we're going to assume once a good bar, always a good bar.
1. Dublin Pub — TIE FOR FIRST
1. Vue Ultra Lounge — TIE FOR FIRST
2. Harrison's
3. Cadillac Jack's

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Best Karaoke

Kind of a contradiction in terms, don't you think? Karaoke by its nature is an iffy proposition, but if it's run well and the singers put some personality into it, fun can be had by most, if not all.
1. Cadillac Jack's
2. Therapy Cafe
3. Champp's

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Best Dance Club

Talk about a variety. Masque is a high-energy, no pressure gay club where everybody dances and nobody judges; The Yellow Rose has been known to change personalities throughout the night, from country to punk to whatever; Hammerjax is where the young and restless go to be noticed. Take your pick.
1. Masque
2. The Yellow Rose
3. Hammerjax

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Best Local Band

You've got to hear them to believe them, and they're out there. Sounds cliched, but check your local listings for the next chance to catch our homegrown heroes take the stage.
1. Element
2. Highway Junkies
3. The Red Affair

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Best Place to Play Darts

Who'd have thought? At first blush, alcohol and sharp, pointy, flying objects would seem to be mutually exclusive, but that's hardly the case. We're flush with dart bars around here and they all have their fans. Shoot for the middle.
1. Katz Lounge — TIE FOR 1ST
1. Kramer's — TIE FOR 1ST
2. BW3's — TIE FOR 2ND
2. Cadillac Jack's — TIE FOR 2ND
2. The Phone Booth — TIE FOR 2ND
3. Cubby Hole

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Best Pool Hall

Late nights, weak drinks, the stench of smoke (until Dec. 7, anyway): What's not to like about a pool hall? Belmont Billiards showed us the way in the tradition of great pool halls everywhere: No frills, just tons of tables and an easy-going atmosphere.
1. Belmont Billiards
2. Fox & Hound
3. Airway Billiards

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Best Comedy Club

This was a tough one, because a comedy club is only as good as the comedian on its stage, and all of these have had their share of hits — and misses. The FunnyBone is the new kid on The Greene, and Joker's has shut its doors. The ups, the downs, still we always have Bob & Tom in the morning.
1. Joker's
2. Wiley's
3. FunnyBone

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