Speak Up: Brief comments

By the Dayton Daily News

• Mike Peters' Aug. 19 cartoon of Edith, Roz Young's cat, waiting for her at the "pearly gates" with a big smile was touching.

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• Roz Young was a class act. She leaves a legacy fit for a queen.

• I truly loved Roz Young's columns. She could reate an illusion with her writing. I would have loved to have been able to sit and talk to her at length about this city. "Sweet William" has her by his side again, and God's getting lessons, I'm sure.

• Roz Young had so many stories. We were lucky she shared many with us.

• Roz Young was a teacher for years, but I will always remember her as a columnist and Dayton historian. I learned a lot by reading her columns and her books.

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